June 14, 2021

QOOT Cluster partners with BIEEL

In its mission to facilitate partnership between agri-food businesses and different organizations, QOOT Cluster partnered with BIEEL, a project led by Fair Trade Lebanon – Commerce equitable Liban and initiated by the United States Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), to strengthen synergies between both initiatives, aiming to deliver more efficient services to the agri-food sector.

Coordination between projects can create synergies for members, and a greater overall impact can be achieved for all involved, creating hope to build back the economy and support Lebanese businesses to reach new markets around the globe.

This partnership will create synergy and collaboration between both parties, through different activities such as widening the agri-food sector network to establish a common vision and create synergies for all efforts to facilitate and increase export capacity, as well as support access to R&D, access to international connections, access to expertise, access to events and activities among both organizations.


Funded by The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) and led by Fair Trade Lebanon, the project BIEEL aims at creating an environment which enables business development and empowers 100 Lebanese SME’s and cooperatives by increasing their competitiveness internationally. It will focus on three main pillars: access to market, access to standards, and access to finance. BIEEL will also concentrate on seven agro-food clusters: olives and olive oil, grapes and vines, Za’atar and spices, tahini and byproducts, potato chips, pastries and sweets, fruits and nuts. Read more https://www.fairtradelebanon.org/en/expertise/project-implementation


Picture of Maria Chahine

Maria Chahine