January 14, 2020

QOOT Cluster signs R&D agreements with universities of Lebanon

QOOT Cluster signed Memoranda of Understanding with 4 different universities in Lebanon

As part of its mission to bring together MSMEs, multinational companies, knowledge providers, support institutions, and investment entities to collaboratively catalyze and innovate in the agri-food sector in Lebanon, QOOT Cluster signed 4 Memoranda of Understanding with 4 different universities: American University of Beirut – Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Balamand, American University of Science and Technology, and University Saint Joseph – ESIAM.

Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Vice President for Internationalization & Engagement at the University of Balamand, Professor Rami Abboud remarked that such collaborative work with the industrial partners, especially those who emphasize innovation and R&D, is key to advance the competitive advantage of their graduates. [1]

These collaborations between the agri-food economic players mainly private sector, and academia and the research institutions, will allow to accelerate the innovation in all areas of the agri-food sector, and help put Lebanon back on the global agri-food innovation map. Indeed, the QOOT Cluster as well as the universities will work jointly to raise awareness amongst Agri-food sector players on the research and development capabilities of the universities and emphasize on the necessities of conducting R&D activities for better competitiveness and sustainability.

QOOT Cluster will be providing different challenges and needs of its different member’s, allowing the final year projects be based on the local and regional market needs while getting feedback from the cluster stakeholders.


[1] Source: Balamand University News


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Qoot Cluster