Qoot members learn about Creativity and Innovation

Innovation and creativity workshop_web2

QOOT – the agri-food innovation cluster, organized a two-day workshop on Creativity and Innovation presented by Maher Mezher, one of the top experts in innovation in the region and founder and managing director at Innovators League.


During the two-day workshop, the members of Qoot worked on a series of individual and group exercises and interactions to overcome challenges, solve problems, and achieve strategic goals through innovation. The workshop guided the agri-food companies toward strategically thinking to expand and develop innovation in their respective companies.


They were also introduced to best practices for developing innovative products, services, processes and business models, and evaluate the different types of innovations taking place in their workplace. Mezher worked with the participants and presented the key steps to accelerate and improve their innovation through a positive culture by encouraging leadership and use of creative techniques.


Participants were also introduced to new processes, tools and techniques to innovate and develop their idea, product or service while familiarizing them with the different types of innovation and their importance on the innovation matrix. Mezher advised the use of innovation software to encourage employees to share their ideas and innovations top management on an innovation software.


Following the Creativity and Innovation Workshop, the participants are scheduled to pitch their idea and innovation to Berytech and Innovators League to get feedback to take their idea or innovation further.


With a mission to accelerate innovation in the agri-food sector, QOOT, initiated by Berytech and the Embassy of the Netherlands under the Agrytech program, was launched in February 2019 and gathers successful Lebanese entrepreneurs and pioneers to collaborate, promote and develop smarter solutions in the sector.