Risk management workshop for QOOT Cluster members

Crisis Management workshop

QOOT – the agri-food innovation cluster, organized a workshop for its member on “Managing your venture’s cash-flows during crisis and developing your crisis and risk management plan”, presented by Constantin Salameh, senior coach and investment advisor at Berytech.

During the workshop, they focused on different strategies to overcome this critical period by mapping and prioritizing the key risk areas. Also, they focused on the importance of maintaining the quality of the venture’s cash-flow and corrective actions to address the funding gaps.

Rani Azzi, Assistant technical director at Chateau Kefraya and QOOT’s vice president commented: “Great interactive workshop, a must during this tough crisis. Left with concrete strategies, practical solution to survive and how to turn it into an opportunity”.

Following the crisis management workshop, members benefited from one on one coaching sessions with Salameh to get feedback on their crisis management plan and develop it further.

Read more about the 10 simple steps to survive the crisis https://berytech.org/crisis-management-10-simple-steps-for-all-entrepreneurs/

With a mission to accelerate innovation in the agri-food sector, QOOT, initiated by Berytech and the Embassy of the Netherlands under the Agrytech program, was launched in February 2019 and gathers successful Lebanese entrepreneurs and pioneers to collaborate, promote and develop smarter solutions in the sector.