Surviving and thriving in times of adversity – Natagri’s story

The first half of 2020 has brought tremendous challenges to Lebanese businesses. This is how Natagri, QOOT Cluster member, reacted to the crisis.

In the midst of all the crisis and uncertainties in Lebanon, Natagri was engaged in providing the best quality in the management of the vineyards and the production of table grapes grown in the Bekaa valley

They produced different varieties of table grapes that are graded following international standards and under the global GAP certificationThis year’s production was successful and had satisfied the requirements of overseas markets in Europe and Gulf countries. That was due to the harmonious teamwork, the consistent effort and of course the result of the soil fertility in Bekaa and the appropriate climatic conditions in the region for grapes production. 

Natagri mainly exports to foreign markets which have helped the company to ride out fluctuations in the Lebanese economy. Nine people were recruited in this season; five of them are fresh graduates. 

Furthermore, it is important to Natagri to innovate, develop, and try new agricultural techniques and food technologies; therefore it offers different internship opportunities as final year projects to students who are interested in viticulture and packaging technologies. 

Finally, Natagri had collaborated with the Lebanese agricultural research institute, the Saint-Joseph University, the chamber of commerce industry and agriculture to provide to farmers different trainings concerning different agricultural topics. 

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