September 13, 2021

The Food System Challenge: Increasing Resilience Of The Lebanese Food System

the food system challenge Facebook

the food system challenge Facebook


QOOT Cluster is a proud partner in The Food System Challenge, a program implemented by the World Food Programme (WFP) and Berytech through the support of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The project aims at improving food security and increase resilience in the food system in Lebanon through business support, technical assistance, in-kind grants, and support packages to SMEs to enable their ideas and roll-out or scale their impactful food system solution.

About the Project

The project covers 3 cycles where 10 SMEs will be selected in each to undergo a transformational journey, thus targeting a total of 30 Lebanese SMEs working in the food system.

Berytech will be providing selected SMEs with a transformational journey package including tailored business development services and technical support. The package will also contain in-kind support and milestone based financial prizes from WFP.

Applicants need to submit an online concept note to present their solution to tackle the major challenges related to access to energy, access to raw material, import substitution, pricing, and skill and employee retention and development. The top 20 applicants selected through a competitive shortlisting process will move to the second phase and present their full proposals. A selection committee will evaluate the proposals and select 10 winning solutions. The two phases will be repeated for each of the three cycles.

Read more about The Food System Challenge here.




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Raghid Jarrah