May 5, 2022

Le Liban Si Bon, Si Innovant!

The Embassy of Lebanon in Paris, France organized a culinary initiative under the title of “Mouné Libanaise: Artisanat Gastronomique” to promote Lebanese Agri-Food products, highlight the high quality of the ‘Made in Lebanon’, introduce new brands to the French market and initiate B2B Networking between all key players in the French market and Lebanese brands.

Within QOOT Cluster’s mission to support the Lebanese agrifood sector in its internationalization, and emphasis on the potential of the Lebanese product globally, our cluster’s priority today is to support the productive sectors in Lebanon, help them sustain, grow, create jobs and slowly but surely transform our economy from a rentier to a productive one.

QOOT Cluster was present to highlight the opportunity for new and innovative products in entering the French market, emphasized under “Le Liban: Si Bon, Si Innovant”. More than 50 Lebanese brands where present out of which 37 brands are new to the French market from the QOOT Cluster. Fifteen QOOT members got the chance to be showcased in this tasting event, and gained the attraction of the French stakeholders:

  1. Zejd
  2. Zeit Boulos
  3. Darmmess
  4. The Good Thymes
  5. Eshmoon
  6. Soler’s
  7. Le Pré
  8. TAQA
  9. Grapeful
  10. Bites of delight
  11. Delta group
  12. Biomass
  13. Ayadina
  14. Smart gourmet
  15. Cidra

The brands had the chance to promote their products offering a tasting to more than 150 French buyers, retailers, wholesalers and agents. Representatives from la Chambre de Commerce de Paris Ile de France CCEIP, journalists, influencers and five Hypermarkets: Carrefour, Monoprix, Bon Marché, Lafayette Gourmet and BHV were blown by the potential of the Lebanese products. More than 25 Epiceries Fines, 12 Importers and distributors, 50+ restaurants and hotels representatives attended the event. Although the tasting event was in Paris, it attracted businessman from different regions of France: Normandie, Nice, Strasbourg, Valence and Lille.

Three culinary chefs attended the event to animate the tasting segment and make use of the displayed innovative and new Lebanese products. Chef Jean Haidar who came from Nice to animate the tasting as well as the talented young Chef Rouba Assaf and the super Chef Karim Haidar who all together made out of this event a great tasting experience for Lebanon.

This event proved to be a great success showing the potential of Lebanese products. The QOOT cluster thanks the Lebanese French Embassy that has made a huge impact giving our producers the access to the international markets and working on creating the right linkages to have concrete results, and a special thank you to Min Baladeh and The Net for their extreme support in the logistics.


Picture of Qoot Cluster

Qoot Cluster